Strategic sepcialised link building – Building authority and increasing relevant organic traffic to your website

Well built links are the building blocks for any secsessful online digital strategy – The foundation is your onsite strategy

Link building and onsite strategies – 2 halves of a whole

SEO has evolved very rapidly to keep up with the changing requirements and expectations of those that use the internet. Combining SEO with other forms of marketing can produce powerful results.

While the process for national(traditional)  link building and local link building are different they both have something in common – Content.

Creating content that helps to attract links will power both the onsite and the link building. below are some the strategies that I use for both. Accommodating for both will go a long way to helping your site become successful.

Link building and onsite strategies – 2 halves of a whole

Why content-driven link building is so important

Why content-driven link building is so important

Other websites and blogs will link to good quality content that answers questions or solves problems.People that read content that answers a question or solves a problem are more likely to trust the website that the content came from. Search engines are in the business of trust. If they give searchers the information that proves useful they will use the search engine again and they will most likely go back to the website that helped them.

Consumers or service users are given a choice so it is important that you make sure that your website is part of that choice. Helping them get what they want is good for business and good for the search engines.

How can you take advantage of this opportunity?

Making sure that you are creating this content on your site means that instead of you linking out to other sites who have the answers, they are linking back to you.

You are then seen to be the leader or authority in your niche or market then you are building trust for your brand and this will translate into more sales or services.

While it is harder to be the leader, remember that the rewards are far greater. Authority sites often are able to rank for a greater range of more competitive keywords. They often rank for content as soon  as it is published with little or no promotion or link building

I am here to help you identify that content online that is already popular and help you recreate that content so that you can take advantage of this cycle.



Content-driven link building and blogger outreach

One of my jobs, once this content is on the site, is to reach out to others that have linked to something similar or who are writing in the same niche or market. These people are mostly bloggers and are not your competition and are more likely to link to you and promote your content.

Why is this important?

often these bloggers will have readers that are passionate about something in your niche or market, being able to answer their questions allows you to subtly promote your brand or business to them. The inbound links to your site bring both traffic and authority which intern boosts your rankings which intern brings more traffic to the site. The content that you have created will then help you convert more of these visitors – I am sure you now see the potential of this strategy

Content-driven link building and blogger outreach

Will this work for you?

Will this work for you?

In my experience, this process will work in most niches. if you are providing a service or a product then there are going to be people that will need answers to questions. If you know of any bloggers that write about something in your market then you can be sure that there will be opportunities for link building.

If you are in a market that has fewer bloggers etc then this means that you will likely need fewer links to achieve the same thing. You will also want to take advantage of related niches or markets that are related and potentially overlap into yours.

let me help you make sure that you are seen as the market leader in your sector ( at least online!). Contact me to help you find out what opportunities there are out there – you most likely will be pleasantly surprised!



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