Smart Onsite Optimisation – maximising traffic gains through clever budget sensitive strategies

Using Peratos 8-20 Principle to make sure that we always target the 20% that will make the 80% difference.

Why use my smart optimisation method?

Over the years that I have been working on optimising websites one of the things that I have found is that there is often a relatively small amount of changes that will have the biggest impact. It is one of the reasons that I often push for a technical audit as this is when I will find out exactly what this is going to be.

Why is this important to you?

Your website is unique, it has a unique structure and content and the goals of the site will be specific to your business. Optimising should be about making sure that your site works in the best way for you. This is going to be a combination of onsite work, keyword research combined with the goals that are important for your business.

I factor all of these together and then work out a strategy that is going to also suite your budget.

Smart Technical Audits

Giving you the best value for your budget- whatever that may be!

Giving you the best value for your budget- whatever that may be!

The budget that you have should be a factor in moulding your strategy, not the other way round. With this in mind, I like to work with my clients to make sure that the plan that I create is the one that is going to help their website while still being within their budget restrictions.

I will advise you what can be done and what we should be doing according to your budget. I will also always give you my honest assessment of what can be done with your budget. There is almost always more than one way to achieving your goals using  SEO, the trick is to find the way that best suite you.

Targeting the right keywords to give you early gains

One of the areas that I like to review is what keywords the site is currently ranking for. Using specialised software I am able to see what this is and then work this into the onsite process.

These keywords(if relevant) will drive some of the direction of the optimisation. It is easier to get a site to rank for a keyword that the search engines already associate for the site than a new one.

I will look at the keywords that are ranking in positions 6-20. Getting these to move up in onto the front page of the search results or even into the top 5 will make a big difference to the amount of traffic that the site gets.

Making sure that we are targeting this in the beginning and in connection with the keyword research will help you see the best possible gains from the onsite work.

Once we have completed the onsite work then we can move onto some of the link building strategies I use to ensure that you build on these gains.

Position 6-20 keywords

Internal linking and the silo effect

Other areas that I will pay attention to

There are other areas that I will also look at to make sure that you are getting the most from the onsite work that I do. These processes below bring about two important things:

  • They help the search engines assess what pages on the website are the most important and so boost the ranking of these pages
  • They help spread authority to internal pages which will help these pages rank better
  • This will help move traffic throughout the site from pages that have a high traffic to those that are not ranking or are ranking for low volume keywords. When this happens you improve user engagement which can have a positive impact on your rankings as well as your conversions for the website.

Internal linking – Using the silo effect

This is the process that links pages within the website that are related, this might be pages that are related to a range of products or a service. Any blog posts or other pages that talk about this will then link through to these pages. If you have ever used Wikipedia You will know what I mean.

internal linking from pages that have the most links

This is related to the above but is done slightly differently. Some of the pages on your site may already have external links pointing to them and so will be stronger than others. making sure that you are using these to link to other important pages on the site will help ensure that they have a better chance of ranking.



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