Keyword Research – Making sure you are targeting the right keywords for your market

Keyword research is a cornerstone of any successful campaign, with the right words your traffic will grow and so will your conversions. With the wrong ones, you will head for disaster

Keyword Research

If there is one thing that I have learned when it comes to keyword research is that the difference between success and failure often boils down to what words you target.

It is also fair to say that the tools that you use will also be instrumental in making sure the words you choose are the right ones

I use one of the best tools in the trade at the moment and with this, I am able to see not only keywords that your site is currently ranking for but also the ones that you should be looking to target as well as the ones that your competitors are ranking for.

Below are some of the methods that I use to make sure your site has the best chance of getting good rankings and targeted traffic.

Keyword Research

How longtail keywords work for you

Longtail Keywords and how they work for you

What is a longtail keyword?

This is the name given to searches that have usually 3 or more words to them and are more specific. Most longtail searches will have a low search count but more importantly, very low competition. People using these searches are generally looking for something very specific and are often closer to the point of purchase.

Why are they so important for your business?

While the search count for these words is low, the conversion rate for this type of keyword is vastly higher than the other more competitive(The more competitive a keyword is the harder it will be to rank for it) 1-2 word phrases.

Smart businesses understand this and will make the extra effort to make sure that they are targeting these words. It is my job to work with you to help discover what you should be targeting. I also look at your competition to see what they are targeting. We can use this to help you build the right content for the site. Content that brings in targeted traffic that converts readers to customers.

Keyword research and competitor analysis

One of the best places to start with keyword research is to see what your competitors are targeting. I will help you assess exactly who your competitors are and from there we can work out what they’re doing and what has been successful for them.

This strategy has proven to be very successful for many of the clients that I have worked with for a number of reasons:

  • It helps you get a better idea of exactly what you should be targetting in terms of content
  • It gives you an idea of what you will have to do in order to achieve rankings for these keywords
  • You can quickly see what has been successful and what has not
  • It helps you with ideas so that you can potentially target areas that none of the competition are targetting

Competitor Analysis

Search Added to Google Google Search

LSI Keyword suggestions

LSI Keyword Suggestions from Google

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

One of the areas that I like to work with clients on is the addition of LSI focused keywords that should be added to your content that you are creating or the site. This is a great way to make sure that that piece of content you are creating covers all of the topics associated with that keyword or group of keywords that you are targeting

What is LSI?

Latent Semantic Indexing is a process that the Search engines use to help them understand what your content is about so that they can better match this up with the Search that someone has done in the Search engine. It is a complicated algorithm that helps assess what the users intent was when they did the search and how well your content matches that intent.

While the concept is complicated, integrating this concept into what you write for your website is not. This is something that can be easily understood by those that write your content. I also offer training to help those involved in the content writing, write better content.

How I use it to help your Business?

The answer to this is simple. Making sure that your content incorporates these keywords will help your rankings as your content will be better matched for searches associated with a keyword.

Making sure that your content is targeting these words will mean that it will be better addressing the needs of the person doing the search and so they will be more likely to trust your website and so more likely to convert to customers



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