Content driven WHITE HAT link building

Link building is an important part of SEO. Finding the method that best suits your site will be key to gaining visibility online.

Link building to boost your SEO

link building is an important part of any SEO campaign and when used in conjunction with good onsite strategies can be very effective in helping you build traffic to your site.

Link building is not what it used to be and Google now values different metrics when it comes to what makes a good link.

I have been studying this for the last few years building my own sites and ranking them as well. This coupled with the experience I have working on my client’s sites has given me a valuable understanding of what is needed for sites to rank and get traffic.

My link building methods are closely tied in with content on the site. I believe that the quality and type of content on your site will have a significant impact on the results that you get from your website. Click here to read about my ideas on content strategies.

Here are some of the areas that I regularly work on. If you are not too sure what will be best for your site then give me a call or email me and I would be happy to help you understand what will be best suited to your website.

Building links for SEO

Content driven link building

Content-driven link building

I have been developing this link building process for some time now and have blended in some practices from other types of marketing so that the end result is something that is both efficient and effective. This process will, of course, vary from site to site but the core is always the same.

The principle is simple: Why create great content on put it on other peoples websites when you can put it on your own?

All of the content that you create in whatever format should be on your site.

The trick to this is to create content that has different functions:

  • Some content is for business
  • some content is for building traffic
  • some content if for building links

I have had a lot of success with this method, you can find examples of what I have done here:(links to Google Doc)

Content that is created for link building often comes in the form of detailed guides and other very useful information. Because it has value and can help people solve problems or answer questions other site owners will potentially link to it as this content will help their readers. (how often have you been doing some sort of research and clicked on a link for further reading?)

The second benefit that this will have is that you are actually creating content on the site that is useful for your readers. When you create this type of content you help build trust in your site and brand. It is a simple equation – The more trust you build the more likely that person will become a customer.

How content driven link building benefits your site?

There are a number of ways this works for your site

  • Builds deep links to your site that are super relevant and powerful as they are usually editorial links
  • You are creating content that will benefit the users of your site
  • Internal links from this content to important pages on the site will help those pages to rank that you otherwise would not be able to get to rank.
  • Those links can also bring traffic from other sites to yours
  • It improves the trust and authority of your brand.
  • Improves the authority of your site overall which will help improve the overall rankings as well.

Below are explanations of some of the methods that are incorporated into my process.

How content driven link building benefits your site

Skycraper method

Skyscraper method – Blogger outreach

This has been something that is well known in the internet marketing world. However, it is quite difficult to achieve as there is a considerable investment in both time and money needed. This is the reason that not many SEO agencies use it as many of their customers cannot afford to do this.
As a freelancer and as someone that has developed a more efficient process for this now becomes a more viable solution.
My process is also scalable so that I can make it better fit your budget.

I would be happy to chat more about how I can help you with this.

Broken link building

This is an old stable of and good what hat SEO, I use this process when there is a chance as the results can be rewarding. Using this also requires you to add content to your site which has all of the above benefits.

Resource page link building

This is also closely related to broken link building as some of the processes are similar, On its own, it is hard to achieve as there are a lot of people that use these methods. Your content will need to be good and helpful to readers to have an impact

Building Links from resource pages

With my content driven link building, I combine all three of these together to give the content the best chance of being linked to.

Link Building for local SEO

There are a few things that need to be done differently here. While you should be doing some of the above, it is important to make sure that some of the links to the site come from other local websites. this often comes in the form of local business directories and other business sites.

In order for this to be effective you will need to make sure that the site is optimised for local Seo

Guest posting

I don’t use this often anymore as this is something that has lost some of its effectiveness. There are times when this is effective as you can drive traffic to your site as well as building links.

In my experience, it is best as a last resort as you will often have to pay for them.

This can be both expensive and potentially harm your site as paying for links is against Googles terms and conditions.



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