Local SEO! – Giving you online visability in your community

Local SEO can bring you some of the highest conversion rates from SEO and help you create loyal lifelong customers within your local area.

How does local SEO work?

When you have a business that services a local community you are looking to get people from that community to engage with your website and ultimately buying something from you or hiring you for your services.

Google understands this need and so has developed a different set of rules that it applies to people using their search engine for this purpose.

Google will know your location, whether you are at home or at work and on your computer or out and about and using your mobile. It serves the results of your search according to your location.

for example, if you were at home and looking to move house you would type in “house to rent/buy” it would just serve up the results that are closest to you. This is the same if you did a search for “houses to rent/buy(your desired location)”.

When search engines index your site they take all of the information on your site and use that to best serve what people are searching for. Google is by far the most advanced at this and has got very good figuring out where your business is based.

Estate agent search in Burgess Hill

People Using Mobiles for Local Searches

It is also interesting to note that the conversion rates for a site that is set up correctly for local SEO are far higher than what you would get on sites optimised for normal SEO.

Think about this for a second and how significant this could be for your business.

  • 96% of people who have a pc has made local searches
  • 46% of Google searches for local services etc
  • 64% of people in a local area will conduct searches for locally based business
  • 50% of people on mobiles making local searches are looking for telephone numbers and addresses – is your site optimised for these people? Your address and telephone number are what people are looking for. how easy is it for them to get that on a pc and on their mobile
  • Over 70% of local mobile searches usually result in an offline purchase, i.e they came to your place of business

In order to make sure that Google has the right information about your site, it is important to optimise for this. Here are some of the ways that we do this below.

Taking Advantage of Google My Business for Local SEO

Google business pages – People value social proof, having a Google business page will help encourage you clients leave reviews, positive reviews will greatly increase the change of people spending money with you. I can help you set this up correctly and come up with strategies that will help encourage your clients to leave reviews.
Name address phone number – It is a good idea that all of the information about your company online is consistent. Making sure that this so helps the search engines know exactly where you are. This will have a direct impact on how you perform when it comes to Local SEO

Local schema implementation – Schema markup is a great way to tell the search engines exactly what is on your page. All websites should have at least the basics, many don’t. Setting this up on your site can help give you an advantage over your competitors.

Geo tagging pages and images – If your business covers more than one area you will want to make sure that you have content on the site that covers these areas. If you have images etc of these areas I can help you make sure that the site is optimised with these locations in mind.

Google reviews – Getting people to leave reviews about your services is often hard and only a very small percentage of your clients will do this on their own accord. I can advise you on how to encourage people to leave honest reviews about your service. They will help others when they are deciding on whether to use you or your competition and can have an impact on your rankings for local SEO.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews for local Business

Businesses benefiting from Local SEO

If you have this type of business then Local SEO will work for you :

  • Estate agents
  • Letting agents
  • Bars and Restaurants – especially if you are an independent business
  • Medical services such as dental practices and any other private health care service.
  • solicitors or law firms
  • Plumbers
  • Locksmiths
  • Car repair shops
  • service based business such as pet services, vets, carpet cleaners



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