On-site SEO: Optimising your website for Users & Search Engines

Onsite SEO is the foundation of any good SEO campaign. A well optimised website will go a long way to increasing traffic to the site through better rankings and improving conversions with the current traffic to the site.

Onsite Optimsation

This is one of the most important areas that I focus on when I look at a site. How a site is optimised will have a direct impact on everything moving forward.

This is the equivalent of the foundations when you are building a house. Getting the foundation work right ensures that all the strategies that we use moving forward are as effective as possible.

Here is the thing about onsite optimisation, It changes over time as the site develops and grows so does the onsite needs of the site.

When I am working on a site I like to make sure that I give a little bit of time each month to make sure that any changes that need to be done on the site have been done

I use tools such as Ahrefs, Google analytics and Webmaster tools to help me assess what adjustments need to be made

Onsite Search engine Optimisation

Website Optimisation

There are a lot of things that go into optimising a Web page. there are a lot of pages that go into a website. making sure that it all works together is part science and part art. Below is a list of the areas that I work on when I work on a site

Meta tag optimisation – this is arguably one of the most important areas that need to be worked on.
Correctly optimised tags will make a difference to your site in these areas improved click though rate from Google – your title tag and description tag are what is shown in the search engines. They are what people first see of your site, first impressions count.
Google uses the keywords from the title tag to help understand what the page is all about, getting this right will go a long way to better rankings.

Optimising the content on your site

Content optimisation – making sure your content is optimised will go a long way to giving your content the best chance to rank for the chosen keywords.
Well optimised content works well for both search engines, your reader’s or potential clients.
This will include work in the following areas:

Correct heading and subheadings structure

Correct content structure to help make sure that the reader finds the information that they are looking for
bounce rate optimisation to make sure that the content is matching the intent of the searcher
Latent semantic indexing of your content. (this is the process that Google uses to match Your content to the user intent of the searcher)
On page navigation for longer pieces of content to help users get to the right section of your page.
making sure that every page has a goal and the content on that page is optimised to helping readers achieve this goal.
Content optimisation takes time and requires some testing and goal tracking, However, when you get this right it can make a huge difference to the conversion rate of the site by helping to address the needs of the reader(what ever that may be).This will increase the user engagement with your content which will help improve rankings as Google factors in user engagement when ranking a page.

Optimising the content on your site

Keyword optimisation

Internal link building – Internal links help users find related content on your site. They also act indicators to the search engines. These indicators include:
what content is related
what are the most important pages within a section of the website
They pass authority from some of the stronger pages to some of the weaker pages and help them to rank
they help distribute your traffic to the pages that are likely to help then convert into paying customers.

Keyword optimisation – search engines will rank pages for many different keywords. I will make sure that the page is optimised for the keywords that you want it to rank for. Sometimes a page will rank for keywords that you did not know about and these are keywords that you will benefit from. with my skills and experience, I can help you find these gems and improve your current ranking for these.



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