Improve you website’s Perfomancewith my smart technical SEO audits

Technical SEO Audits help accuratly assess what (sometimes hidden) issues your website might have. My Audits will help you identify and prioritise what needs to done according to your budget, giving you the best bang for your buck!

Technical SEO audits

This is an area that I have had a lot of experience in. In my previous jobs this one of the most common areas that I worked on. When it comes to audits I like to look at them a little different to traditional methods.

the traditional method is to work through a check list on all of the things that need to be checked on a site.
This is great if you are doing a full technical audit, but for many business owners, they simply don’t have the budget for this to be done.

This is where I am different, I will work the audit based on your budget, When I am doing an audit on your site I will assess what areas to need to be addressed that will bring back the greatest return on your investment.
What does this mean for you?

It means that we tackle problems that will have the biggest impact on your site, I have more on this below.
this has proved popular with many of my clients as it allows them to work within their budget and get the most back
Here are examples of some of these audits I have done.

Smart Technical Audits

Full technical audit service

Full technical audits

If you have the website that is just not performing they way that you think it should be, then often it is a good idea to be doing a full technical audit. These take time and can be quite expensive but in the long run, ultimately will benefit your business.

There is a checklist that I will go through, this ensures that the audit is done in a systematic and logical way. How long this takes will depend on how big the site is and the issues that are found.

If you are not sure about what you need for your site then please get in contact and we can discuss this together to help you make the right choice for your website

Smart technical audits

Unlike A full technical audit that covers everything, smart technical audits are done to help boost sites that are performing but not as well as they should be. Unless there are reasons to do the full audit this is the one that I will do on your site.

When you come to work with me this is the one that I will do on the site to start with, This helps me get to know your site better and will help you by giving you suggestions and guidance on what to be doing on the site moving forward

These suggestions will include areas like:

  • Content creation
  • On site changes to title tags and descriptions
  • Technical issues that might have an impact on your rankings
  • Engagement factors gleaned from tools like Google analytics and webmaster tools
  • Comparing the keywords that you want the site to rank for to what Google and other search engines are actually ranking you for so that we can assess how relevant your content is and what needs to be done to address the difference.

Smart Technical Audits for your site

Mobile Phone Ranking Factors

Mobile phone ranking factors

Over half of the Searches done in Google are on mobile devices. Google treats these slightly differently than it would for people doing searches on a desk top.
With this in mind, we can look at the structure of the traffic coming to the site, what devices are people using to engage with your site and once we understand this then we can create strategies accordingly.
Click here to find out more about what factors search engines see as important Mobile ranking factors



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